Welcome to the new Rogues Gallery Web Site

Hello and welcome to the our new Rogues Gallery web site!

CJ our drummer (and thoroughly clever web site person) has given our site a “wash and brush-up”. There are now some new pictures of the  band resplendent in our wedding gig attire – a warning to all parents out there with young children: our mug shots may cause nightmares in the under fives!

If you want to see and hear Rogues Gallery we have included some sound samples (both live and studio recordings) and a short video to give you a flavour of what we sound and look like (remember the warning though!). Our primary aim for the music is to keep the time honoured traditional tunes alive and vibrant by injecting energy and life in to them by using a modern “rock” instrument line up of electric guitars, bass and drums.

There is a new face in the band – Chris Morrow (he’s the “not so scary looking one”). He is our new bass player and a very talented chap he is too (has one of them music degrees or such like). The “old” crew are still there – Chris J on drums (he has one of those new fangled music degrees too), Bob on rhythm guitar and Colin on lead guitar. Bob & Colin only have the battle scars from many years of gigging since Noah was a lad (he played with us for a while but left and went into boat building or something). This blend of experience and the energy and innovation that comes from younger musicians is what keeps the Rogues sound up to date and just right for your Barn Dance!

Should you get the urge to book us please call or drop us a line – we offer a “one stop shop”. We provide the band, Caller and PA – you just provide the Dancers (and perhaps some food and a bar – both optional of course but have proved popular in the past). We can also give you some tips on organising and planning your event and even give advice on venues (we have played at one or two over the years!). Oh, and yes and we are very reasonably priced.

Hope we can play for you in the near future!

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